Tingchun Chen 

I am an Assistant Professor in the Institute of Taiwan Languages and Language Teaching at National Tsing Hua University in Hsinchu, Taiwan. I completed my PhD in Linguistics at MIT in 2018 (you can download my dissertation here). I also have a BA in Linguistics from McGill University.

My research interests are in syntax, morphology, and the syntax-semantics interface with a particular focus on Formosan languages, the Indigenous Austronesian languages of Taiwan. In my recent work, I have looked into case and its interaction with information structure, raising-to-obejct, restructuring, and modals in Amis.

I also have a great interest in linguistic fieldwork. I started working with Atayal speakers in 2010. I have also studied and learned to speak Amis in various ways in the last few years.

You can reach me at tingchun.chen@mx.nthu.edu.tw.

My name in IPA: [ʈʂʰən2 tʰiŋ2 yn1]